2024-2025 Catalog 
    Jul 13, 2024  
2024-2025 Catalog

Advanced Welding and Fabrication (CSC)

CIP: 48.0508
Degree Type: Career Studies Certificate 
Program Code: 221-995-02
Program Length: One Year-Two Semesters
Minimum Credits: 27

Program Advisor:

Jessee Cole
Davis Hall Room 134


Program Purpose:
This curriculum has been designed to prepare welding students to fill the gap in industrial manufacturing between welder/fitter/fabricator/welding quality control and welding shop foreman. The Advanced Welding and Fabrication Career Studies Certificate is designed to train students to fulfill higher positions in Industrial welding upon graduating from the program,

Occupational Objectives:

Welder Fitter-welder Fabricator

Shop Foreman NOT technician

Welder Qualification Tester/Tester assistant


Admissions Requirements:
Students must meet the general admission requirements established by the College.


Program Requirements:
The Advanced Welding and Fabrication Career Studies Certificate is designed to prepare students to work as industrial welders in a leadership position with the ability to weld various types on metals (Aluminum, Caron Steel and Stainless steel). Students are introduced to the problems associated with the various types of equipment and materials used in welding and gain the knowledge in how to effectively integrate the various metals and technology in a fabrication project. In addition to the courses in welding, students will receive instruction in programing and completing welds using robotic welding procedures and robotic welding machines, prepare welded coupons and examine them using visual, destructive and non-destructive tests for quality., examine basic welding codes and their effect on quality control, complete welding projects using industry tools and obtain the ability to mark out, cut and fit fabrication projects. The student also receives instruction in basic occupational communication and applied mathematics which provide the graduate with a general knowledge base for effective functioning in the industrial setting. Students successfully completing the program receive the Career studies certificate in Advanced Welding and Fabrication. Job opportunities for industrial welding leadership exist in many areas, primarily in the manufacturing and service areas.


Preparation to take the following American Welding Society Certified Welder Certification Tests

GTAW Aluminum GMAW-S/FCAW 6” pipe GTAW